What a Time to be Alive (For Ethan)

I had to take this opportunity to express my feelings in more than 140 characters, or an attention seeking FB status update, and outline in some detail my current situation.

This week has seen pleasure at the arrival of a new manager, naughty pleasures at a pile of stolen stickers to whittle the collection down further, enjoyment of a birthday party and several matches – and not just because some of my predictions came true – but then the really important stuff, the stuff that actually matters.

Like the lovely surprise of being asked to be a godfather, to a cute and cuddly, strong and strapping, very alert young man – ten years after the first time, a role I have continued to take so seriously and proudly.


Then, my best father’s day yet – being spoilt rotten, having a great couple of hours in the ‘bat cave’ drinking den which I frequent, then being treated to an excellent tea of steak n chips and a couple more pints at a hipster joint with my two leading ladies and feeling very privileged indeed.

But the best moment came today when, preparing for a visit from the supreme commander, news came through of a magical arrival: a beautiful, richly deserved and long awaited bundle of immense joy and pride that makes it such a wonderful time to be alive.

Tomorrow is another day; if it’s tough, and voting or behavioural problems cloud my judgement, I just wanted to document this feeling, before it fades.

And after this past few days, I’ll need to remember – I have to remember – that, as Tim, and occasionally Liam, sing:

I’m just out of your range
All your suffering’s in vain

Now your grip’s too strong
You can’t catch love with a net or a gun
Gotta keep faith that your path will change
Gotta keep faith that your love will change tomorrow

Because this week has proved just that.